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Simpsonville Animal Hospital is a full service daytime veterinary hospital that places a strong emphasis on preventative care and strengthening the human animal bond.

Wellness Exams

A thorough physical exam is our first, and arguably most important, diagnostic tool. 


Spay & Neuter

Population control is the responsibility of every pet owner.


Illness Visits
We understand how stressful it is to have a pet that is not feeling well, and are here to help. 


Vaccinations are an important part of our disease prevention strategy.  Many of our vaccines provide three years of protection, so we are vaccinating less often. 


Anesthesia protocols are tailored to each individual patient and state of the art monitoring equipment is used to keep your pet as safe as possible while under general anesthesia.  We utilize a multimodal approach to pain medication to keep you pet as comfortable as possible before, during, and after their procedure. 


State of the art digital radiographs allow for high quality diagnostic images

in seconds. (Both full body and dental radiographs)

On Site Laboratory

Full in house laboratory for fast, accurate results within minutes

Dental Care

Routine dental cleanings help promote good oral health, and help control dental disease, especially as patients age. When dental disease begins, it can be a source of discomfort, and often, infection.   All of our patients undergoing dental procedures have dental radiographs performed, as 50% of dental disease is  undetectable with only a thorough oral examination.  



Insertion of permanent identification to aid in recovery of your pet if they get lost. The one-time fee includes the placement of microchip, as well as the lifelong registration of the chip. 


Ultrasound By Specialist

The specialists from Upstate Vet Emergency & Specialty Hospital are available to come to our office on a set weekly schedule to perform mobile ultrasounds.  Now your pet doesn't have to travel to an unfamiliar hospital in Greenville to have the best perform their ultrasound.  The internist will collaborate with our veterinarians to determine the best course of treatment for your pet.  


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